honor role

Boucher, Albert

* 2633 Pte 48th Bn.

Born at Taunton UK, Congregational. Enlisted 26 June 1916 age 20, salesman. Nok father dead; mother, Mary Jane Boucher Hope St, Cottesloe Beach. Embarked at Fremantle 30 October 1916 per A16 Port Melbourne. Reported missing in action in France on 11 April 1917 and confirmed killed in action. Memorialised on the Villers-Bretonneux Memorial, France Memorial. His sole surviving possession sent to his mother was a Guernsey (pullover). In a letter of 26 February 1918, Albert’s sister, Mrs Osborne, expressed concerns he may not be dead: “I have not heard from Private Boucher but a boy who has returned named Jeffries whom we know very well, was also a friend of my brother said that he saw him and that he was wounded near the barb wire fence but that he got to the trench which the Germans retook. When he was hit he put his hand to his shoulder so should think that he was wounded in the arm or shoulder. I don’t know what this boy’s number is, but we know him personally.” Major J.M. Lean the Officer in charge of records obtained a statement from 2709 L/Cpl MacFarlane 48th Bn. “I last saw the above named man in the enemy’s front line wounded. He started to stagger towards our lines.” Sgt S.W. Hammond 2688 saw Pte Boucher during the advance on the Hindenburg line between Bullecourt and Norevil on 11 April 1917. Service medals: VM and BWM. Honour Roll Ancient Order of Druids Acorn Lodge 463 Cottesloe.