honor role

Fowler, Hugh Lionel

** Capt 44th Bn. B.A, M.A., Ph.D.

Born 5 October 1891, Baptist. Joined the Education Department in 1909 as a monitor without pay to observe teaching at Cannington School and then as a senior monitor at Cottesloe School. He graduated from a two year course at Claremont Teachers College (CTC) in 1910-11 and was appointed to Highgate School. In 1913 he was given leave to sit for exams at the University of Western Australia; one of the first students to attend UWA on its present location. Fowler was a drill instructor at Claremont Teachers College when he enlisted on 6 June 1916, giving his Nok as his mother, Rosetta Fowler, 95 First Ave Mt Lawley. Embarked at Fremantle 6 June 1916 per A29 Suevic. He served in the UK and France where he was wounded and in 1918-19, he attended lectures in general and applied psychology at the University of London where he was rated an exceptional student. RTA December 1919 aboard the SS Ypiringa where he offered the returning troops a series of lectures on psychology and his dynamic presentations boosted the lecture audience from 40 to over 200. He was discharged on 17 May 1920. Service medals: BWM and VM. He resumed his career at Thomas Street School and later the same year was a popular resident lecturer at CTC. This was followed by appointments at Bunbury High School 1923 and Albany High School in 1925. He was granted leave to study at London University under Professors Burt and Nunn and was awarded a Ph.D. in psychology. In 1929 he accepted a position at the newly created Psychology Department at the University of Western Australia. During WW2 he formed the Australian armed services psychology unit. He died in 1946. Western Australian Personal file at the WA State Records Office, AN 45/5 ACC 1059, 1828/28.