honor role

Glaskin, Leonard Foulkes

Staff Sgt W14686 Dental Corp.

Born 19 October 1894 Perth WA. As a twelve-year old he was a member of the first WA boy’s band to perform in England. At the end of the tour the band had the option of returning home via China or being one of the bands on a cruise liner making its maiden voyage to New York. They chose China and not the Titanic. Glaskin enlisted on 21 June 1917 age 22, dental mechanic. Nok father, John Joseph Glaskin of 1 Tower St, Leederville and previously at Bible House St Georges Tce Perth. Embarked at Albany 24 August 1918 per A15 Port Sydney. Leonard served in Egypt as a dental mechanic working on soldiers injured in action. Here he developed the skills that enabled him, in 1923, to open his own dental surgery at his home at 6 Francis St, Mosman Park. Five years later, he relocated the surgery to Stirling Highway and the Cottesloe Dental Clinic was born. Leonard married Phyllis Cook in 1919. He died in 1957. Glaskin contributed to the Memorial Gates at Monument Hill Mosman Park in honour of his boyhood friend Victor Cook. Service medals: BWM and VM. A brief biography of Glaskin is found in ‘Celebrating 90 years – a history perspective’ Cottesloe Dental Clinic.