honor role

Hill, William John

F27 RAN Reserve.

Born 28 September 1894 at North Fitzroy Victoria, Methodist. Registered for the Royal Australian Navy Reserve on 7 January 1911, saddler, leather worker. Nok father, George William Hill of Salvado St, Cottesloe Beach. This is one of many examples of men who volunteered for overseas service and were refused.  William Hill was an Able Seaman with the Naval Reserve at Fremantle when WW1 started and at war’s end he was a Chief Petty Officer. Between 1916 and 1918 he made five attempts to join the Navy for overseas duty and a similar number of applications to join the AIF. All were refused ‘owing to member’s services being required for naval duties in Australia and unable to replace’. William married Essie Vera Cook, sister of Victor Cook . He is the brother of Herbert Victor Hill.