honor role

Ives, Alexander Richard

* 7586 Pte 11th Bn.

Born West Perth WA, RC. Enlisted 28 March 1917 age 18, vigneron. Parents, William Harry Ives and Mary Baptist Theresa Ives were deceased. Nok brother, Leo Godfrey Ives, Thompson Rd, North Fremantle. His legatees, his sisters Angela and Sheila Ives, of same address, signed the consent form ’to enlist and embark in the Australian Imperial Forces’. Embarked at Fremantle 29 June 1916 per A30 Borda.  Killed in action in France 22 June 1918. Effects: 1 disc (damaged), religious book, photos, YMCA wallet, and a 5 Mark German currency. Service medals: BWM and VM.  Ocean Beach (29th) Troop Boy Scouts Honor Roll.