honor role

Lewis, Lewis James

* 9972 Driver Australian Medical Clearing Hospital and the Motor Cycle Coy.

Born at Fitzroy Victoria and enlisted in Perth on 27 September 1915 age 21, fitter at the Midland Railway Workshop. Nok Morgan Lewis of Pyramid Hill Victoria. While serving in France he was reported missing while carrying despatches between Albert and Querrieux.  Died 22 December 1916. The cause of death was a fractured skull He was found and recorded as died on the 22 December 1916 of an accidental fracture of the skull and it is noted in the medical report that two weeks prior to his death he was arrested by the Military Police for refusing to comply with an order and sentenced to two day’s loss of pay. This seems to imply the Military Police were heavy with the baton.  Buried at Heilly Station Cemetery, 5 kilometres NNE of Corbie. Cottesloe and district Honour Rolls.