honor role

Revell, Henry John

*** 2238 51st Bn.

Born in London England, CoE.  Enlisted 27 May 1916 age 19, clerk. Nok (father died in England about 1899) mother, Mary Ann Revell of  Chatsworth Rd, Highgate Hill, and embarked at Fremantle 9 August 1916per A28 Miltiades. Severely wounded in France, on 2 April 1917. RTA and died in 1929 as a result of war injuries. Henry’s brother William was killed in action in France in 1918. A letter on file dated 5 May 1933 written by his nephew Jack Knott, for Mary Ann Revell who signed it with a cross. When the brothers William and Henry arrived from UK about 1913 their address was Grant St, Cottesloe and their sister Jessie lived, until well into her nineties, at Broome St, Cottesloe.  After the war,   Henry Revell built the original house at 16 Loma St, Cottesloe. Initial information by Russell Hamilton of Cottesloe.