honor role

Roder, Eugene Oswald

MM 7129 Pte 28th and 16th Bn.

Born at Bendigo Victoria, CoE.  Eugene was in the Naval Reserve 5 years. Enlisted 23 April 1917 age 22, farm hand. Nok father, Louis Roder, Milton St, Boulder and at the time of enlistment Eugene was living at North Fremantle. Embarked at Albany on 24 July 1917 per A16 Port Melbourne. Served in France and was awarded the Military Medal in July 1918. RTA February 1919. Still alive March 1965. The Military Medal was awarded for bravery in the field. Reference 4th supplement No. 30962 London Gazette 21 October 1918 and Commonwealth of Australia Gazette No. 23 12 February 1919: ‘This man, working in conjunction with No 7811 Private Henry Howard Richardson, showed extraordinary daring during the operations against Vaire and Hazel Woods East of Corbie, on the morning of the 4th July 1918. He was always well in the lead keeping close up to the barrage. When the barrage ‘lifts’ occurred, he was always the first to rush the enemy encountered. On several occasions, he was so quickly into the enemy posts, and kept the crews of enemy machine guns so busy defending themselves from his personal onslaught, that they had no chance of getting their guns into action. He personally bayoneted several, and enabled his comrades to mop up the balance with a minimum of loss to our own troops. His fighting qualities of this occasion were superb. He is strongly recommended for distinction.’ Award and service medals: MM, BWM and VM.