honor role

Whiteford, Richard Charles

2843 Railway Corp Special Draft.

Born at Northam on 30 March 1899 and educated at Northam School. His parents, Charles and Emily Whiteford, lived at Napier St, Cottesloe. He tried to enlist in 1917 but was accepted on 5 December 1918 and embarked at Melbourne 5 October 1918 per Zeeandic. RTA per HT Main 28 September 1919. Incorrectly recorded as Whitford. Service medals only the BWM. Richard challenged the decision not to award him the Victory Medal pointing out the VM was for ‘officers and men who entered a theatre of war (1914-1918) were afloat on duty, or engaged in the air’ He stated he was ‘afloat’ on the ship taking him to England and he was in France after the Armistice and before the formal peace documents were signed, thus it was still a theatre of war. His case was dismissed. Richard’s address 29 August 1940 was 168 Middleton Rd, Albany.